Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The video produced by Mrs. Barringer's 5th graders and Mrs. Fuglestad was so cute and got across the message. How could you resist those cute faces pleading for technology in their classroom. This was very creative, colorful and it showed what technology could do

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This video clip was so inspiring and it really shows how incorporating technology improves a person’s quality of life. I was amazed at how they were able to get the musical instrument to work using a joystick. This is technology!

I only found one negative aspect about the clip, which is the time factor. The clip indicated that it was eleven minutes in length. This video was more than twice as long as the others that I viewed. Even if pressed for time, I feel it was well worth it and I encourage everyone to view it.

I also read the comments regarding this video clip where one instructor has all of her students view it. This shows the struggles of others and how with technology it can be overcome. Am I the only one that is so uninformed about the about the benefits of this wonderful technology? I learned about things that I never would have imagined or even knew it existed. I think this technology is probably very costly but we need to look at the rewards that can be achieved. Someone is now able to learn because they have the adaptive equipment needed.

The website is very valuable for the 21st century learner because it shows what can be used to enable dreams to come true. It also got me to start thinking of how to seek new ways of doing things. Often times, it is done out of habit or because that is how is it always done.

Again, I strongly encourage not only to view the video but to start thinking outside the box.